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Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis


Many of you may have already spent a fortune trying to find a cure for, at
least, to get relief from the pain that you encounter round the clock, each day of
your life. First, you suffer from the disease, and then you spend a good amount of

time visiting the clinic, spending thousands of dollars in medicines and consultation fees. The doctor tells you straight away, there is no cure for this disease but only relief. Day after day you are on medication, unsuitable for the other organs of your body. In course of time you develop complications and visit
other doctors for developing symptoms which may be damaging your other organs.

This puts you in a whirlpool of doctors and medicines. This little handy guide will
definitely appraise you of all what you need to know and if not cure, at the least
provide you with the relief you are seeking elsewhere but never been able to find it.

It will advise you how to gradually do away with unwanted medication and find a cure in a simple way.

Another good news about this article is, you need not sit in front of your computer to find a cure for RA/OA because our check list shows we have put in all relevant information that you would find searching the net for hours each day for years
together. So this guide book will be one book that you need near your bedside to refer to day in and day out.

I pray for your fast recovery, God bless you!

For your information there are over hundred different types of arthritis. The
popular types are Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Osteoarthritis, arthritis and Gout. The
most common among them is, Osteoarthritis (OA), which could be due to low
calcium and overuse of the joints and with age. Here in the first part we shall
discuss Rheumatoid Arthritis due to which, joints which bear our body weight,
such as, hip, knees and spine are affected. This disease comes on very gradually
with mild to moderate pain, very unassuming, in course of time. Only after a few
months or years the symptoms matures and surfaces.

What is Rheumatoid arthritis?

This is an auto-immune disease, meaning the immunity defense mechanism of
your body attacks mostly the body joints itself thinking it to be an alien. This is the
cause for inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints. The lining of the joints
thickens and swells gradually. In course of time there is damage and loss of the
cartilage. This results in a loss of the fluid and spacing of the joints making it stiff
and immobile. This damage cannot be repaired and therefore, early diagnosis is
recommended in order to stop further damage to the joints. In severe cases joint
deformity may occur. Since it is systemic disease, it affects the joints, eyes,

cardiovascular, respiratory and other body parts and organs. Mostly, it affects women and older men. People with a parental history of RA could also be affected.

The exact cause of this disease has not yet been established. Unhealthy lifestyle is
the major cause so is the genetic factor.

With a proper medication, change in lifestyle and exercise one may find some
relief. Some promise and headway has been found in alternative medicines,
homoeopathy and herbal remedies which put the disease in remission and
symptoms may disappear permanently. None of these are clinically proven 100%
but case studies show a remarkable improvement in otherwise chronic and non-
reversible RA.

Alternative medicines(Herbal, Chinese and Homoeopathy)

Your physician and the rheumatologist will definitely prescribe anti-inflammatory
and corticosteroids to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation inherent to RA.

When you meet your physician he will straightaway make it clear to you that RA
has no cure but only relief and putting a stop to further damage to your body and
joints. For any person, this sounds like a terminal illness; a quest for permanent
cure becomes imperative then. The best cure to look for is the alternative
medicines. Alternative medicines are of various types each developed in its
country of origin. The ones which have been doing the round globally are the
Chinese system of medicines, Ayurveda from India and Homoeopathy developed
by Hahnemann in Germany. Herbs from India and Homoeopathy are two strongly
recommended alternatives which shall be discussed here because both these forms
of medicines are globally available and also online doctors are helpful and friendly
with years of research and practice. …………read more in the book.

Pains and aches associated with RA could get better with the right diet and spices.

This chapter is dedicated to foods, fruits, spices and other nutrients that may be
required to get some relief from the unbearable pains and stiffness associated with
RA. The choice of food is vast; keeping in mind, this book is being read by
different people from different parts of the world. Many fruits and foods needs to
be incorporated, some of which could be available in some part of the
world…………Read more in the book.

The most important remedy in curing RA is self-care. Once you learn the dos and
don’ts in RA pain management, you will see positive results coming your way.

Although research into medications to treat RA is ongoing, there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, the good news is that a healthy diet, the right
amount of rest, and regular exercise can go a long way toward improving quality of
life. Over-the-counter medications and complementary treatments can help to
relieve pain and reduce inflammation, while disease-modifying drugs can ease
symptoms or help put RA in remission………………….Read more in the book.

Exercises and physical activities

We need not wait for rheumatoid arthritis or any other type of arthritis to invade
our body before we start any physical regimen. Everyone should religiously
undergo a daily physical exercise to keep the body well maintained and release
healthy hormone in our body as a mood maker as well as building up a good body
defense mechanism. Now that you are already a victim of RA, it is imperative you
additionally find time to do some physical activities which may definitely help you
reduce your RA symptoms. Some of the following physical activities may
surely….read more in the book.

Arthritis is a general word describing several different types, over 200, of
rheumatic diseases and conditions affecting the bones, tissues and the joints. The
most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthr itis results due to
reduction in the cartilage tissue due to wear and tear as we age. Cartilage is a flexible, connective tissue in our joints which absorbs all the shocks and pressure

due to various movements such as running, jogging, jumping and also walking.

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